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Hot Club of Cowtown, Greensboro, NC, March 19, 2010 (Excellent Matrix)

Hot Club of Cowtown
March 19, 2010
Mack and Mack Design Studio
Greensboro, NC

Source 1: Church Audio CA-14 > Church Audio CA-9100> Sony PCM D50 (24/48)
Source 2: SBD > Tascam DR-07 (24/48)

Location: Source 1: ~25' from stage, DFC, ~7' high, DIN
Transfer: PCM D50 & Tascam DR-07  > Audacity (normalize, merge, 16/44.1) > CD Wave > flac (Level 8)

Taper: Dale Glenn

Set One
01. She's Killin' Me
02. Ida Red
03. Dark Eyes
04. Deed I Do
05. Sleep
06. Forget-Me-Nots
07. When I Lost You
08. I Can't Go On This Way
09. The Long Way Home
10. Little Liza Jane
11. Banter
12. Twenty-Four Hours a Day
13. The Girl I Left Behind Me
14. Heart of Romaine
15. Chinatown, My Chinatown

Set Two
16. Roly Poly
17. Tchavolo Swing
18. Pray For The Lights To Go Out
19. Stardust
20. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
21. It Stops With Me
22. Instrumental
23. Pussy, Pussy, Pussy
24. Reunion
25. Banter
26. Stay All Night
27. Columbus Stockade Blues
28. Oh, Baby
29. Orange Blossom Special
30. Banter

31. Our Love Is Here To Stay
32. My Window Faces The South
Hot Club of Cowtown is:

Elana James - Fiddle
Whit Smith - Guitar
Jake Irwin - Upright Bass

This is uploaded as a multi-part rar-file - to extract and combine parts, you'll need a program like WinRar or WinZip.

Once extracted/combined, you can verify file integrity with enclosed md5- or ffp-file and convert the FLAC-files to wav-files (for burning as audio CDs) with software like Trader's Little Helper or other tools for your specific OS.

PART 1 (95 MB)
PART 2 (95 MB)
PART 3 (93 MB)
PART 4 (95 MB) 
PART 5 (95 MB)
PART 6 (88 MB)

Trade or pass on in a lossless format only. Encoding to MP3 for personal use only.

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  1. Can you upload part 6 again? Thank you for this and all your posts!